Unlocking The Light Within (The Book)

Unlocking The Light Within

Unlocking The Light Within is a truly inspiring collection of thoughts and reflections on love, loss and life.  Each one of us will encounter difficult moments, moments when we feel lost, unsure of which way to turn, which direction to take.  Unlocking The Light Within provides you with comfort and the inspiration to keep going, when you encounter such times.

"For those making life changes, this book provides tips, tricks and inspiration to keep you on your journey. Great inspiration."
Amazon review, Dallas, USA.

Unlocking The Light Within is written for those of us who know that there is something more, that an alternative way of life exists.  It is written for those of us who know what it is to suffer in the pursuit of our dreams, for those of us who know the immense joys and deep pain and anguish of love.  And it is written for you, to inspire and to help you on your own personal life journey.  

Unlocking The Light Within is written from the heart, for the heart. This is a book for every one of us.

Example Writing From The Book

"When you walk your one true path, you no longer need to go in search of the light. Those that walk their true path know that the light will always shine the way. Why is this? It is simply because all of the light that you need to show you the way will radiate from within you. When you walk your true path, you transform yourself into the light but more than this, you transform yourself into love."
~ ~ ~
"Life is in the moment. This moment. Now. If there is something you always wanted to do, go and do it. Do not put it off. As a race, humans talk of love and are inspired by love. When you love someone, you want them to be happy. You want the best for them and you will do what you can to make that happen. Well, love starts first with each of us loving ourselves. If you love yourself, then you owe it to yourself to be happy. And to find true happiness, is to walk your one true path. Dream, walk, life, and
~ ~ ~
"The pursuit of love. It's the most glorious and noble pursuit of all.  Believe in the power of love. Love is in everything. Love created the universe. Love created life. Love is the fuel that keeps the cycle of life rotating. Love is at the very centre of all things."

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