My intention of writing this blog is primarily to share my thoughts with others.  I enjoy the creative process of writing and when the mood takes me, I lose myself in the moment and open my heart and let whatever is in there come flooding out onto the page.  I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a varied life and to have tried many things, been to many places, lived and worked in different countries (England, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Curacao, Costa Rica), tried my hand as an accountant, financial adviser, office manager, business consultant, factory worker, tomato picker, project assistant, university student and a scuba diving instructor.  I have been told on several occasions that I am now living the dream.  That is true, but grammatically incorrect.  I am living my dream.  I am living a dream.  The difference may be small but it is significant.  You have to live out your own dreams, walk your own path, and go wherever your own heart wills you.  When you do this, you will find not only the key to true, inner happiness, but also that you are walking your one true path.

Everything that I write comes straight from my heart, and as such, it is true to me.  I share it here as a means of hopefully inspiring others and that others might find something to enjoy my writing.  If you do find something that you like, I would be interested to hear it, so please feel free to leave me a comment.  And please feel free to pass my blog on to other people.

There is a simple message that links every thing that is on this planet and in this incredible universe that we share.  In fact, everything comes down to just one simple word.  And that word is: one.

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