Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Power of the Stars

Every thing in this universe originated from the same place, at a single moment in time.  The stars were formed out of the same basic ingredients that created life on Earth.  Therefore, we are the stars, and the stars are us.  Every thing is One.  Every person possesses an incredible power that resides within them.  You can tap into that power to achieve anything that you desire.  The power is in your heart.  Believe it, find it, use it.  Make your dreams become reality.  Find your one true path.  Create the life that you want.  Live the life that you deserve.

The Power of the Stars 
Every star shines bright in the night sky 
The light from every star transcends the barriers of both time and space
Reaching across the vastness of the universe
And even though you cannot perceive it
Know that every star is on a journey of its own making
Each star is a miracle of creation
Look up to the heavens and wish upon a star
Because that star is you
The power of the stars is within you
You can shake the foundations of the universe
Unleash the power of the stars
Follow your dreams


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