Friday, 22 March 2013

True Love Knows No Impediment

Today, I beheld a very clear vision and I felt the truth of all that my heart spoke to me.  Life taught me a lesson that I needed to learn and life willed me to finally see the plain and simple truth before my eyes.  For a brief moment in time, as I sat on the beach surrounded by the beauty of nature, the universe spoke to me through my heart, and it talked to me of love.

This afternoon after work, I cycled down to the beach to swim and bathe in the ocean, to sit on the sand, relax, and to read my book.  As I always do, I began to people watch, as it's a favourite pastime of mine, and I have discovered that within the actions and facial expressions of others, you can learn much about life and you are able to see your own reflection.  I looked on as a couple walking together along the beach approached and one of the photographers from the resort began to snap pictures of them.  The photographer asked them to strike various poses and to take up different positions, such as standing next to each other, laying side-by-side on the sand, kneeling in front of each other and other such stances.  I looked on and as I did, I could see that this couple were in love, there could be no denying it, it was plain to see.

Every look and every gesture that they gave each other spoke of the love that they held for each other.  It was completely obvious to any observer, it could not be failed to be seen.  Here were two people, completely at ease with each other, enjoying the company of each other, having fun together, revelling in the attention, and tied together through the bond of mutual love.  I've seen couples like this before, so why did this particular couple strike me so significantly?  These two people were separated not only by gender, but by race and by age also.

Love had found a way to flourish despite, what may have been to many others, obstacles or barriers to love.  Here, on the beach, it was easy to see how love had triumphed and had overcome any adversity that may have hindered its growth.  It was in watching these two people that I was struck so plainly by the simple truth of what I was seeing: true love can know no impediment.  If the feelings of love are genuine between two people, then there is nothing that can stop it, there is nothing that can break it, there is nothing that can defeat it.  Love is an all conquering emotion.  Love is the greatest sensation that humans can feel.  Love is the supreme state.  When it is true, nothing in this universe can destroy it.  Love transcends time and love transcends space, as it stretches out across the universe undimmed.

Before today, I have always believed in the power of love, what I saw today showed me something else.  It demonstrated to me that when love knocks on your door, there is nothing that can stand in its way.  I thought I already knew that, but today, I saw it to be the truth and I knew it from the depths of my soul.  As I type this, I have just had another thought, one that is frightening.  If true love knows no impediment, then is it possible that I have never truly been in love?  Is it possible that the love that I felt before was not true love, but a poor imitation?  Perhaps not.  I believe that my past loves were indeed love from my side, but perhaps the love from the other person was not as true as it should have been.

Today I was taught another lesson of life, another lesson on love.  I hope one day to be able to share those lessons with the soul of another, who will walk my path at my side.  Until that day, I will go on learning so that when the time comes, I am ready and I will not spurn nor waste my opportunity.  The chances of love are like the seeds blowing in the wind.  I am going to reach out my hand and see if I cannot grab one, for I only need one chance to find my true home, my true love.

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