Sunday, 31 March 2013

Water And Life

I stood and I desperately tried to hold back the water. I knew that if I could only stop it, then I could hold on to everything that I possessed, that I would be able to stand still in this spot, rooted like a tree in the forest. But the water kept on coming. It begin to seep through the defences I had made, and although I patched up one crack after another, there was no preventing it.  Eventually, and in a one single moment, everything gave way and I was swept away downstream in the current.  I rued my ill luck as I drifted along, too tired to swim against the flow.

After some time, I found myself on a shore that I did not recognise. I looked about me and for a time, I was utterly lost, feeling confused as to my whereabouts.  I sat and I wept, feeling grief for all that was lost, but mostly for myself.  After the tears, I stood and looked about me.  I noticed the flowers in bloom, I saw the lush green boughs of the trees in the wood, and I felt the soft grass beneath my feet, I heard the humming of bees and insects, and I listened to the songs of birds.  I walked around a little and found things in this new place that were the same as where I had been, that gave me some degree comfort and a familiar feeling.  For all of the old, there was the new, the exotic, the different.  Life would never be the same, that I knew, but I also knew that just like the waters that I was unable to hold back, life goes ever on, and so must I.

You cannot hold back the flow of life, and you must never try.  Rather, it is better to go with the flow, to bend in the wind like the reed and to let yourself find pastures new.  Water flows ever onwards, that is its destiny.  Like the water, you too have a destiny, you have a dream to be fulfilled.  When life comes calling, lift up a foot and take a step.  Things will change, their is no denying it, but it is through the new things we find in life, that we discover our selves.  Let yourself become caught in the flow, and see just how far life can take you. 

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