Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Letter To Life

This morning, I decided to write a letter to Life.

Dear Life,

You can knock me sideways and you can knock me down. Every time that you do, know that I will climb back to my feet and I will stand tall and firm once more, ready for the next blow.  For as surely as the sun shines, I know that the blow will come again.  And when it does, I will be ready.  When that blow comes, I will raise my shield of faith and I will deflect the blow.  I will wield my sword of hope and I will strike back at you.  The more we dance the dance of battle, the more I will learn.  Eventually, there will come a day when you will teach me all that I need to learn.  When that day comes I will finally vanquish you and I will stand victorious, in the knowledge that I persevered, that I never, for one moment gave up on my dreams.  That day will only come when I finally understand that truth of what it is that you show me.  When that day comes, when the moment is upon us, know this Life: I will defeat you.  

I want you to know and understand this Life, because there will be some days when I may be down, but you will never, ever, defeat me, as long as I hold onto faith and hope, and continue to follow my heart.

Always and forever your friend,





  1. Dear Andy, I have never wanted to defeat you. I’m nothing without you like you are nothing without me. We only have each other and we only have each other’s company for a short time. I'm making you and you are creating me. I have given you a million choices and let you play with them, decide things for yourself. By your decisions you are shaping me.

    I have been watching you with pride and I will always do that. When you get lost, I worry about both of us and I hope that you find your way again. When you fall I cheer you on. Your fall is mine too. When you damage yourself you damage me. When you are in pain, I can feel it.

    I am not fighting you, that is not my task. My task was to give you the map, the compass and a unique opportunity: to create our adventure. I'm merely accompanying you on your way but I'm also growing with you along the path.

    Please take care of me as long as you can.
    Love, Your Life

  2. Thank you so much Your Life. This is a very beautiful comment and means so much to me. Whoever you are, you have a very beautiful heart and soul.